Mission Support

TEMSOPS has diligently provided the highest quality of technical and logistical support for security and emergency operations since 2013. Our team of tactical and special operations experts have over 75 years of experience and specialize in working in difficult and remote environments. TEMSOPS staff develop long-lasting professional relationships and respond to immediate calls for assistance from private and government entities.

Clinical Operations
  • Trained and equipped professional medical providers working in all climates and environments
  • Providing emergency medical care for designated personnel
  • Triage and basic medical procedures to return employees back to duty as soon as possible
  • Preventative medicine and vaccination administration
  • Sanitation and food preparations assessments
Field Operations - Medical
  • Ability to put well-trained, experienced emergency medical providers with management or assessment teams
  • Providing critical, lifesaving assessments and treatment for a variety of medical and traumatic emergencies
Medical Supplies & Equipment
  • Regional, international partners with staging facilities throughout the US and international locations
  • Abilities to restock and ship critical equipment to meet immediate, growing needs
  • Quality control making sure the supplies being provided are the best materials for the potential hazards and work under all conditions

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