Medical Management Services

TEMSOPS has international experience providing expert emergency and medical management consultation for small and large companies involved in security operations in austere and remote locations. We provide these services remotely from our Arizona office, or through our embedded staff on location. We pride ourselves on offering a completely customized approach based on the particular needs of the client and the mission at hand.


Consultation & Management Liaison

In the current climate of regional and international business operations, companies big and small compete in the fast paced, global markets and must be prepared for every eventuality. TEMSOPS has the experience in providing personnel in all levels of business functions and ready to respond to the immediate call for support in the most difficult circumstances. Our staff brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to fill any gaps in disaster and crisis management.

  • Human Resources Management
  • Crisis Management Response and Mitigation
  • Critical Incident Stress Management Functions
Medical Oversight/Protocols

There are corporations in need of our contemporary medical direction and protocols. TEMSOPS has formed a partnership with International Medical Direction ( in order to provide a very cost effective way for entities to employ their own medical staff, without incurring the vast expense or redundancy of medical insurance liability or physician oversight. Our cooperative relationship provides TEMSOPS with the best medical practices and years of experience in clinical and emergency medicine.

  • 24/7/365 Telephonic Reach Back for Physician Consultation
  • EMT/Paramedic Protocols approved by International Medical Direction
Medical Threat Assessments

For the security and safety of corporate or recreational travelers, a wealth of information can be gathered, assessed and analyzed for the benefit of preventing common ailments and illness. Medical and safety experts will utilize reliable and accurate resources to mitigate the risks inherent of international travel and potential disease exposure. TEMSOPS has a vast array of networks and affiliations that extend to every corner of the world. Let us put these systems to use to give your agency the best information to make the best, most-informed decisions.

Emergency Evacuation of Injured/Ill Personnel
When medical emergencies strike, efforts in coordination and response procedures pay huge dividends. Professional consultation provides for expert opinions in the best interest of the patient and allows the corporate structure to focus on routine operations while skilled staff continue to monitor the situation/patient through all echelons of quality medical care.

Emergency Action Plans
Any expert in Risk Management knows any potential threat or situation needs to have a basic plan to be followed in cases of disasters, emergencies, disease outbreaks or political strife. Having a plan allows personnel to work in a coordinated and professional manner. Many details are provided before the questions are even asked. The time taken to respond to these situations is greatly reduced when there is an effective plan everyone understands and practices.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance
When generating medical plans or treatment documents, what does your agency have in place to review workman’s compensation issues, short-term and long-term disability or the necessary steps to create and evaluate the company’s policies and procedures?

  • Policies and Procedures Review
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Compliance

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