TEMSOPS doesn’t just offer classroom instruction. The course also included a simulation phase. The last part of each day we performed exercises that gradually increased in complexity. We were issued IFAKs, comms gear, and red guns.

Today, a medic fights with his unit, and over the two days with TEMSOPS I saw excellent tactics and strategy superimposed over effective life-saving skills.

Their people are extremely well qualified. So were our students. Among them were firefighters, Army nurses, combat medics, LE personnel, and a helicopter medic. All of them had taken this training before.

TEMSOPS has international experience providing expert emergency and medical management consultation for small and large companies involved in security operations in austere and remote locations. We provide these services remotely from our Arizona office, or through our embedded staff on location. We pride ourselves on offering a completely customized approach based on the particular needs of the client and the mission at hand.

TEMSOPS has diligently provided the highest quality of technical and logistical support for security and emergency operations since 2013. Our team of tactical and special operations experts have over 75 years of experience and specialize in working in difficult and remote environments. TEMSOPS staff develop long-lasting professional relationships and respond to immediate calls for assistance from private and government entities.

Testimonials and course evaluations consistently reinforce the outstanding quality of the services and products we deliver and these are indispensable tools we use to assess our performance. TEMSOPS personnel are well established in the industry and continue to participate in the company’s staff development and in-service training. We exercise best business practices proven to produce the best results.


Customer Satisfaction


Tactical Experience


Medical Experience

What We Offer

The conditions on the street are constantly changing and have become more challenging. Our training staff work in similar environments and understand these scenes do not allow for us to wait for the perfect opportunities. We are learning to make our decisions quickly and act in the appropriate manner. Although violence against our public safety brethren seems to be on the rise, it’s not just the human factor we need to consider. Our training focuses on “All Hazards” and these principles can easily be applied to natural disasters and other Mass Casualty Incidents.

What does Rescue Task Force mean to you? Are we doing enough as public safety entities to work together to meet these evolving, dynamic threats? TEMSOPS has had the outstanding privilege with working with our nation’s LE/Fire/EMS personnel to start these discussions and implement the best concepts supported by the best practices we know will work.

There is no true value in this training until we possess the knowledge, skills and PROPER equipment. It’s not enough to have the right gear; we need to know how to use it and apply the critical thinking to situations that evolve by the second.

What some of our students have to say…

  • “Excellent course applying real world scenarios both verbally and practically. Every bit of information presented was relevant to active field EMS personnel.”
  • “The major plus of this course was the presence of active law enforcement personnel with tactical training and field experience. That knowledge is indispensable to EMS providers.”
  • “The instructors were very experienced and brought that to bare in their class.”
  • “It was definitely a learning atmosphere, very welcoming and encouraged interaction.”


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Our country’s efforts in the Global War on Terrorism and High Threat Operations take us into the world’s most austere and remote settings. Many of our staff members have multiple deployments to the four corners of the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and many other locations. We practice the techniques and simulate the same conditions found throughout the world. Hard fought lessons have been validated with the ever-developing curriculum and we are constantly enhancing. It’s our immense pleasure to serve our American heroes of all branches!

There are always new tactics, techniques and products coming into our learning culture. What mission-specific gear do you carry that is essential to the success of your responsibilities? Will it work when you need it the most?

What some of our students have to say…

  • “I would recommend this course to everyone”
  • “The knowledge and experience I gained from this course far exceeded my expectations with real world scenarios as well as life experiences.”
  • “Great course. The instructors were more than willing to help and share their knowledge.”
  • “The instructors were a wealth of knowledge. Their LE and MIL experience was priceless.”
  • “It was awesome to have so many instructors giving different points of view.”


Hi! We’re Wistia. We provide business video hosting to attract, engage, and delight

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TEMSOPS has presented emergency medical training and provided customized medical response equipment to various NGO’s and local businesses. Focused on being first on scene of a major medical emergency or injury, we tailor our first aid and wilderness medicine classes for those involved in high-risk occupations, remote/outdoor recreations, disaster preparation and similar situations. It is imperative people know what to do in the first minutes of an emergency and the resources needed to get professional medical assistance into difficult environments!

  • AHA CPR/AED and First Aid certification
  • Wilderness/Remote First Aid and First Responder Courses*
  • NAEMT Trauma First Responder Course

*Remote first aid is considered to be those situations where a medical/trauma patient is more than one-hour transport time from a medical treatment facility (clinic or hospital)

What some of our students have to say…

  • “Great instructors and very knowledgeable”
  • “The best CPR class I’ve ever taken”

Our Services include…

Training Programs

We provide onsite and in person education and training to both government and private parties ranging from simple BLS (Basic Life Support) and CPR all the way to TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) and Advanced EMT courses. We are currently developing hybrid online courses. micro-learning topics, and refresher/certification programs.

Medical Management

We provide emergency and medical management services both domestically and in foreign remote environments. These include oversight, assessments, action plans, and quality control.

Mission Support

We do it all, literally. Our team can provide clinical operations, field operations (medical & tactical), and supplies/equipment for your mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age to learn CPR?

The AHA does not mandate a minimum age requirement for learning CPR. The ability to perform CPR is based more on body strength than age. Studies have shown that children as young as nine years old can learn and retain CPR skills. Please speak with an AHA Instructor or Training Center if you have any concerns. Find an AHA Training Center near you at  www.cpr.heart.org.

Which CPR course should a "first responder" or “professional rescuer” take?

First responders or professional rescuers generally include fire, police and emergency medical personnel. These types of prehospital professionals usually need to complete a BLS course. The AHA now offers a BLS course specifically for prehospital providers, BLS for Prehospital Providers. Check with your employer or licensing authority and find an AHA BLS Training Center near you offering this course at www.cpr.heart.org.

If I’m an EMT, can I participate in Combined Provider courses?

Yes, Basic Life Support providers and first responders can participate in some courses that provide additional Advanced Life Support knowledge and skills. Please be aware each emergency medical provider MUST always follow their particular scope of practice and governing medical control and protocols. Many ALS skill stations are presented as a familiarization and continued education and NOT intended to replace organized training to increase one’s individual certification level.

What does it take to become an NAEMT Tactical Combat Casualty Care Instructor?

As a certified NAEMT Training Site, TEMSOPS has frequently been able to respond to the need to conduct NAEMT Instructor Development. In order to become a qualified instructor, an instructor-candidate must first be PROVIDER certified in the discipline they wish to teach. Many of the courses we provide have different requirements based on the NAEMT or AHA policies and rules. Please contact us for more information or additional resources.

What do your Mobile Training Teams offer?

Each course TEMSOPS presents in our regional area can be brought to any location in the world. Our teams have previously worked in Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan, and we are constantly looking to respond to other markets. Sometimes it’s easier to bring a few instructors to a designated area and provide the same level of quality learning and skill development.

SWAT Magazine - September 2015

We were lucky enough to have one of the writers from SWAT Magazine attend our TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) classes, If you’re interested in what they had to say, you can read the article here. They actually ended up attending a second class so they could take photography and do a feature article on our company. (previously know as Tactical Support Institute)

*Reprinted with permission of S.W.A.T. Magazine.


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